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International Game Jam

Game Jam is an international event that takes place in January every year. Thousands of developers from around world participate in what is a difficult challenge, create an origional game in 48 hours. Team sizes very, my 2019 team consisted of me and my two programming partners.

Game Jam 2019

Game Jam 2018

Outer Rim Arcade Cabinet

Our Outer Rim game cabinet was an old virtual fighter 2 cabinet that was converted into Buck Hunter and eventually used for parts. There was an old Aladdin’s Castle token inside, so I assume that’s where it came from.  I purchased it for $75 and added a 27″ LCD witch was connected to my laptop inside. I had a custom marque made, I covered the cabinet with Carbon fiber wrap and chrome trim. I added new buttons, joystick, lighting and replaced the speakers. To top it all off I added an amp and 150Watt self amplified sub. It Rocked!

Article about Outer Rim on Game Skinny

Outer Rim isn’t a slower paced game like the previous entry on this list. Instead, it creates a fast paced ride with an 80s twist. This game has the classics of an amazing game, from an evil empire to aiding the rebellious alliance, players join Outer Rim to save the galaxy. Developed by Outer Rim Studios, LLC, the game features a players choice in ship and music genre before blasting off to the fight. 

Outer Rim combines the essence of arcade space shooters and is only just shy of the bright colors Graceful Explosion Machine throws at players. The combination of these elements and unlockables gives players the added benefit of leveling in an arcade space shooter.

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