Augmented Reality

Week  1

untitled It makes sense for us to use what we can from our earlier class. Staying with the Gear VR and Cyclops game concept gives us an opportunity to refine our game play interaction between both classes. For this class and this game we will take the Cyclops game into the real world with augmented reality. We will most likely experiment with QR codes to help the system better track game elements and also use them as spawn points. What I would love to see is a hole in the wall which allows the player to see outside and the city itself. I think that we could use the city from our VR game. We would just change the position of the city. I’m not that impressed by the AR camera capabilities but I’m hoping we could also port a version that could be played on IPhone/android.



Week  2

GMxxuJkHector has come up with a great idea for the beginning of our game. The game will start teaching you how to use the targeting system in an AR environment. Shooting at plates or some other moving objects. I would like to have Professor Xavier in the room as your instructor. After some time standing he will ask you to sit for some final practice and calibration. There will then be an explosion and the wall will explode into the room and showing a view of our city. It is under attack. The professor then tells you to take the new battle glasses and get down to the street to protect the city. It is then that the game loads up the VR scene.


Week  3

xavier3I’ve spent most of the day writing our Game design document. But I’ve been more engaged talking to the team and making sure everyone has something to do. I’ve been doing a lot of research to solve different challenges we have including our enemy AI system. I have told everyone about my idea to contact Patrick Stewart and ask him to do our VO for Dr. Xavier . Just the realization that this is  a possibility, is amazing.  Over the weekend I created 3 separate sound effects for Cyclops blaster. A beginning sound, sustained sound and an  end to the sound. I recorded these from the X-Men movies so the sound is authentic. I tailored the sounds attack, decay and other effects in Audacity.


Week  4

I’ve worked out the VO recording we will need done, either by Patrick Stewart or another voice actor.

Dr. Xavier VO:

Welcome to Milwaukee Area Technical College. To the public we are merely a community college. In actuality we are a  school for the gifted, a school for mutants like you.

We’ve invited you here to help you learn how to control and use your mutation safely.

You are in the advanced design lab of MATC. We have designed these glasses to help you safely control the extraordinary energy that emanates from your eyes.

I’m here to teach you how to use your glasses and help you learn how to use it’s targeting system. In the center of your view you will see a reticle which is used for targeting.

There is a touch trigger on the glasses near your right temple.

This trigger will allow the energy from your eyes to pass through the lens in controlled bursts when tapped, or sustained for as long as you hold it down. But there are some limitations. They will begin to overheat if you use your sustained blast for too long. This will require a short time to cool down before you can use them again. This safeguard is built in to prevent the glasses from overheating.

Now let’s get started.

To calibrate your targeting system I need you to look to the left at the targeting orb then touch the firing trigger near your right temple.

  • Good.
  • Looks like you’re targeting is off, try again.

Now look at the orb to your right, then touch the firing trigger.

  • Excellent
  • Your targeting is a little off, try that again.

Now that your glasses are calibrated I want you to spend some time learning how to use them.

Try to destroy as many of the drones as you can.

When you’re done, swipe your finger forward on your targeting trigger to end your targeting practice.

Nicely done.

Looks like there might be some glitches in the software.

Try swiping your targeting trigger forward and restart the system.

Take a seat so we can make a few final adjustments.

You learn quickly, our engineers have….(Interrupted) I’m sensing that Milwaukee is under attack.

There’s no time to wait for the others, I need you to go downtown and protect the city.

Hurry Scott, they don’t have much time, the people of Milwaukee need you.

Take these battle goggles. They will take a moment to boot up but are better suited for combat.

Good Luck


Week  5

We made some new decision for the game that have turned out to be beneficial. The scene is now set at night. We’ve decided to scrap the overheat system. It just didn’t play test well and doesn’t bring benefit to the game. Only potential frustration.  Our main  goals for the upcoming week are to set up our health / damage system, bring in our large enemy robot and fix our controller movement to match the players direction. I would also like to get all of our scenes set up, Main Menu,  AR Scene, VR Scene, pause menu and Win Screen. We also  added sound to the game which has really enhanced the Emerson.


Week  6

augmented_reality_1Hector just got the pass through camera working. It’s defiantly not a very impressive look but I am glad we decided to stay with the Gear VR for logistic reasons. It will be a short part of the game and will only make the VR aspect of the game look that much cooler. We also came up with some ideas we are going to try with VR codes next week.


Week  7

imagesWe really have not done much with the AR aspect of our game. Hector has started to get it working but starting next week I am going to put more of my focus into the AR aspect of the game.  We have decided to keep this aspect of our game as basic and short as possible. We are not very impressed with the look through camera for the AR. The frame rate and camera quality just don’t offer as high a quality an experience as VR does.


Week  8

894a2d_6820fee7ad1149e884b17051a9e86156I spent most of the class reading and watching video tutorials about vueforia. Very frustrating program to learn because most of what I’m trying to figure out doesn’t have clearly laid out tutorials. I’m not a big fan of the AR portion of this class. I wish that both classes where dedicated to VR.



Week  9

I spent the class talking to everyone on the team. Checking in on progress and impediment to ensure we are on target to complete all aspects of our game.  Our progress that concerns me the most is our texturing. Although we did get started, I would like to see textures on our building by now. I have Devon texturing game objects which he is doing well at. I worked with D’Merro to adjust the small enemy which I think looks a lot better now. Erin created the scripting for the enemies ability to attack.  She worked with Hector to add the enemies particle system weapon in game and it looks unbelievably amazing.


Week  10

This week I wrote on my VR Blog


Week  11

This week I wrote on my VR Blog


Week  12

This week I wrote on my VR Blog


Week  13

This week I wrote on my VR Blog


Week  14

This week I wrote on my VR Blog


Week  15

This Week I wrote in my VR Blog


Week  16

 So I guess I should write more about this class, the reality is that we put most of the work into the AR in the last two weeks of class. Hector did most of the work and found it frustrating for the most part. That and the Samsung’s unimpressive pass through camera made game play relatively underwhelming. I think that the course should have you build one or the other.  It’s tough enough to build one new technology and make it good, let alone two. We wound up not showing our AR game at Portfolio night because it just wasn’t very good looking. It wasn’t something we where proud of so we felt that it would be best not to show it off. It did work, kind of, just an underwhelming experience.